Bring DOD To Your City Or Country!

Daughters of Destiny International is currently accepting applications for our new Destiny Adventures curriculum throughout the world. If your church, ministry or faith-based organization is interested in becoming a Chapter and/or Ministry Site, please contact us at  When God wants to do the extraordinary, God births a Daughter of Destiny (DOD). As you dare to be a DOD, we pray God continues to enlarge your territory to fulfill your destiny everyday in a divine way!

New York, Here We Come!

New York, did you know that Daughters of Destiny International (DOD) is headed you way with a new, exciting training model for girls/young women (ages 8-18)? That’s right! Let’s sound the alarm and spread the word. DOD is looking to lead you and every Daughter of Destiny (girl/young woman fulfilling her divine destiny and the divine mandates given her local church, ministry and/or organization) to a God-adventure purposed to witness of God’s exploits in all the earth. Have you signed up for your Daughter Division (DD) Sisterhood? Have you ordered your DOD decorum (shirt, slacks, etc.)? If not, what are you waiting for?!?!?!

On September 7th at 6 PM sharp we begin our destiny adventure in New York City. Founder Lucas will personally lead each of us on our destiny adventure. Where will the adventure lead? We cannot tell you. It is a surprise! However, know that you will meet a Daughter of Destiny who learned to obey her own set of directions.

God has blessed us to be a blessing. Therefore, as always, you are encouraged to bring one to two friend(s) with you. Please confirm your availability to attend and provide the names and ages of those accompanying you (or your child) by Wednesday, August 29, 2012. To do so, please email

Are you ready to meet and greet your Sisterhood Leaders and Founder Lucas?  If so, join them at

Thanks for your time, New York.

We’ll see you real soon!!!

It’s Quinceanera Time!

Whew! We are well on our way to 15! That’s right 15!!!! We have a lot to do these next four months. We have to:

  1. move into our NEW Headquarters!
  2. order your NEW Official Decorum (uniforms)!
  3. prepare for your NEW adventure!

Yes, we are excited and well on our way to NEWness. With just four months until our Quinceanera, Sunday, July 15, 2012, we eagerly anticipate your arrival on October 13, 2012. Yup, it is Quinceanera Time! There is so much to do. Yet, with your support we will be able to do it in greatness — the NEW DOD way! We love you and look forward to seeing real soon…don’t forget to wish us Happy Birthday!!!

Ooops, we almost forgot. Mark your calendar. Our Quinceanera will be celebrated during the Divine Treasures Northern Retreat: Rewarded Rubies at the Renaissance Woodbrige Hotel in Iselin, New Jersey. Tickets are $65/adults and $55/children (12 & under) for non-retreat registrants and $35/adults and $25/children (12 & under) for retreat registrants. Send your ticket purchase order to Get your rubies and ruby red dress ready!!!